Ceren Oykut

The drawings by Turkish artist Ceren Oykut are made entirely by hand and projected onto the various surfaces of the performance space. In the beginning there is only darkness. Then, small strokes of light create complex worlds based on numerous elements from life, such as landscape drawings, animal figures, or urban landscapes. Among other things, Ceren deals with the changes of a city and has therefore been called a “visual urban historian”. In a very fast growing city like Istanbul, where she lived before Berlin, this is a very important task and Berlin also needs a view like this in the wild world of gentrification.

Through dynamic use of the the drawing board and digital projection, figures appear and disappear within a live animated plot; sometimes new elements are added, sometimes a person multiplies rapidly to form a chain of people running across the screen. Everything takes place in real time, time and space become a living cartography.


FezayaFirar is a duo founded 2012 in Istanbul. FezayaFirar consists of two brothers Melih and Emre Sarıgöl and is named after one of the first Sci-Fi novels in the Turkish language, namely “Escape to outer space”.

FezayaFirar’s sound world is made up of elements that invoke the monstrofobic dimension of space, infinity. The impro-synthesized musical layers form bridges between microcosm and macrocosm. The setting of Fezayafirar during Black on Black can be described as a rattling, a humming – sounds more reminiscent of Foley than of film music. In this performance, image and music are in a constant interrelation with each other, steer each other. Sometimes it is FezayaFirar, the musicians, who are inspired, sometimes it is Ceren Oykut, who reacts to the sounds and rhythms of the duo, creating new forms and narrative strands, never ignoring humour and nonsense.
However complex the narrative moments of the visual component may be, there are no limits to the variety of the musical component. In addition to analog and modular electronics, Fezayafirar also uses self-made instruments and field recordings such as cries in a Kyrgyz marketplace or the sounds of a children’s playground in Istanbul. Their music oscillates between industrial ambient and drone sounds and techno rhythmic soundscapes.

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FezayaFirar at Sonica Festival, Ljubljana 2017