Ceren Oykut

The drawings produced by Turkish artist Ceren Oykut live on the computer are reflected on various surfaces of the performance space. In the beginning there is only darkness, they begin to create intricate worlds with countless elements of lines, landscape drawings, animal figures, monstrous creatures, letters or signs used as light sources.Through the fast and dynamic use of the drawing board and digital projection, the production phase is reminiscent of live animation; Everything is produced in real time in order to turn the time and space into a living cartography. Oykut deals with the transformations of a city and is therefore referred to as a “visual city historian”. Istanbul, a city where she was born and raised, growing and transforming very rapidly, had a great influence on Oykut’s art practice. Ceren Oykut continues to construct new landscapes in the world of brutal gentrification in Berlin.


FezayaFirar is a duo founded in 2012 in Istanbul. FezayaFirar consists of two brothers Melih and Emre Sarıgöl and is named after one of the first Sci-Fi novels in the Turkish language, namely “Escape to outer space”.

FezayaFirar’s sound world is made up of elements that invoke the monstrofobic dimension of space and infinity. The impro-synthesized musical layers form bridges between microcosm and macrocosm. During Black on Black performances, FezayaFirar’s setting appears as a rattling, humming, and is more reminiscent of Foley than a soundtrack. FezayaFirar mainly uses analog and modular electronics, exploring their limits to their endless variety, which are occasionally accompanied by acoustic and DIY instruments and field recordings. Their music oscillates between industrial ambient and drone sounds and techno rhythmic soundscapes.

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FezayaFirar at Sonica Festival, Ljubljana 2017